Cs 1.6 is FPS that got released in 2000, but it is still played both on steam and non-steam servers. This post will be focused on finding a way to unban ourselves while using a non-steam version of the game. Required software:

  • Cheat Engine 6.8.1
  • Cs 1.6 Warzone Build 4554

Browsing posts about SteamID internet we see that there are few different ways being mentioned that admins can use to ban players from their server:

  • SteamID
  • MAC
  • IP
  • HWID (Hard disk volume ID)

SteamID is not static value for non-steam players, even reinstalling game can change it. Plugins can also use custom ways of calculating it so the same player can have 2 different SteamIDs on two different servers.

To check our SteamID, we can just type status in console (opens with ~) after connecting to the game (either local or online).

The first step of changing our ID is to locate it in memory. For this, we can use Cheat Engine. After connecting to process we can just search for the value we have gotten from status command.

Opening process in CheatEngine

As we see the address is not fixed, rather it is in form base dll + offset (steamclient.dll + 0x5AC4C).

Finding memory address in CheatEngine

Now we can simply change this value to get ourselves unbanned from most servers, but there are few interesting things worth mentioning.

  • SteamID is only set after you first enter the server (either local or online). Changing value before will just result in it being overwritten after we enter the server.
  • If the server is using a custom way to calculate SteamID we won't be able to find that value in memory (at least in my testing), but still changing our local SteamID will affect it so it is probably derived in some way from it. The best way to find the location of SteamID (the local one) is, therefore, to create a local server and check it.

Since we know the location of our SteamID we can automate the process of changing it. CheatEngine gives us the ability to write Lua scripts (Table->Show Cheat Table Lua Script). CheatEngine is not the most documented software, but browsing trough the forum it is easy to find enough to write our exploit.

    function openCS()
        procFound = openProcess("hl.exe");
        if procFound then
            return true
        return false

    function changeSteamID()
        if not openCS() then
            return nil
        current_SteamID = readSteamID()
        writeInteger(steamID_addr, current_SteamID + 1)

    function getSteamIDAddress()
        steamID_addr_offset = 0x5AC4C
        steamClient_addr = getAddress("steamclient.dll")
        steamID_addr = steamID_addr_offset + steamClient_addr
        return steamID_addr

    function readSteamID()
        current_SteamID = readInteger(getSteamIDAddress())
        return current_SteamID

We can save the created script as .CETRAINER so we can run it without starting the whole CheatEngine.

- F3real